Mischievous Panda Reversible Boy Onesie
Mischievous Panda Reversible Boy Onesie

Mischievous Panda Reversible Boy Onesie

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At Maison Q, we take great pride in dreaming up prints that are fun, whimsical and bursting with colour. With the arrival of the new baby panda at the zoo last August, the Maison Q team deemed it fit for the adorable baby panda to make an appearance in our new series of prints.

Cute, playful, and always up to mischief, the baby panda is positioned against a vibrant blue sky filled with rainbows, clouds, and Chinese coins. In one scene, he clings onto a rainbow while in another, he floats away with a Mandarin orange balloon while wearing pineapple shades. Like a boss.

On the reverse side, is the Lohei Party print, our creative interpretation of the yu sheng or prosperity toss. Just like a burst of confetti during a lively party, the print captures the moment the Yu Sheng is tossed high up in the air. Can you spot the salmon, cracker, carrot and other ingredients that make the dish?  


  • A baby boy onesie with a low Mandarin collar and short sleeves. Created in the style of a romper with ‘pants’.
  • Snap closure buttons three quarters down the front as well as at the bottom of the onesie for ease of wear and to help facilitate a quick change of diapers. 
  • This is a reversible piece and can be worn inside out. Two designs in one apparel, double the fun, twice the mileage.
  • 100% cotton. 


Care Instructions

  • Gentle machine wash, on cold.
  • Wash with like colours in a laundry bag.
  • Do not soak.
  • Iron on medium heat. For a reversible apparel, iron on medium and away from the hemline. Iron towards the centre of the apparel so that the two pieces of fabric in your reversible piece does not gather at the hem.
  • Do not iron over brand labels or snap closure buttons.
  • No clothes dryers.
  • When washing, be mindful not to use too much detergent as this, in some cases, may affect the durability and colour of the cotton (a natural fabric) in the long run.


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