The Maison Q Story


Double The Fun, Twice the Mileage

Enter the playful and cheeky world of Maison Q, where kids take center stage. Inspired by the exuberant nature of these little ones, we are proud to be creating pieces that are beautiful, well-made and delectably reversible since 2015.
Maison Q is a boutique brand based in the modern city-state of Singapore whose central purpose is to present collections that allow children to play, live and have fun in their outfits.
We take great pride in producing our reversible collections ourselves at our family-owned atelier in Indonesia. Our apparels run through the hands of passionate artisans who have been trained in the art of reversible apparels. 
Why reversible apparels you ask? Oh, they are simply just double the fun and twice the mileage. Two designs in one dress? A shirt that can be worn two ways? In many happy prints? Yes, please.
Having our own atelier gives us full control of the production process and an outstanding advantage — the freedom to create. And because the collections have been designed and made by us, they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else.



Our Atelier, Our Artisans

Maison Q’s reversible apparels are produced at our family-owned atelier in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. The art of producing reversible apparels is a complex one which requires meticulous workmanship and utmost attention to detail.

All of our artisans display this level of commitment and are extremely proud of what they do. They all come from neighbouring villages and have gone through intensive training to produce apparels that showcase exemplary levels of workmanship. 

Our artisans are at the heart of what we do and it is important to us that they are treated fairly. They come directly under our employment which enables us to ensure that they are fairly remunerated. Our management team in Singapore visits the atelier regularly and communicates with the managers there almost on a daily basis. 

Here at Maison Q, we are happy to be able to support the local community in Tasikmalaya by creating jobs. This gives our artisans a means to an honest living and in turn, a way to provide for their respective families. This is also one of the key reason to keep doing what we do.

Our artisans are very much a part of the Maison Q family. With these passionate artisans, we transform ideas into reality.

The Beginning

Maison Q first started out as a passion project by a former magazine editor who had written at a luxury lifestyle publication for over a decade. Just like most fashion-loving mamas, playing dress up with her then two-year-old daughter brought her much joy. This tripled when she welcomed two little boys into her fold.

Even though playing dress up was a fun bonding activity, the thought of her little ones growing out of their clothes so quickly bothered her. Surely there is a clever way to get more mileage out of her children's wardrobes? 

With over ten years of experience in a luxury publication, she knew that the key was to produce well-made pieces that could stand the test of time. This way, it could be handed down to younger siblings or given away, in near-perfect condition. Great design, versatility and vibrant prints would make it even more likely that the pieces would be loved for an extended period of time.  

Serendipitously, she chanced upon the concept of reversible kidswear and so, Maison Q, a brand that offers full collections of reversible apparels was born. Our Founder and Creative Director, set out to incorporate her beliefs into Maison Q's collections. The pieces hanging at our counters today bear testament to this. 


Our Ethos

It is also important to Maison Q that the fabrics we use are gentle to the skin and friendly to Mother Earth. All of our fabrics come from OEKO-TEX certified factories. This means the fabrics are free of harmful substances and the dyes used in the printing process are environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

All of our prints are designed in-house by a team of super talented creatives. Together with our Creative Director, they conjure up fantastical stories which are translated into whimsical prints. Every element and every little detail in our prints are intentional and are a part of a bigger story. 

From an online store, Maison Q has grown to more than ten points of sale in Singapore and Malaysia. We hope to grow even more in the coming years. We at Maison Q, are most grateful for the support we have received from retailers, event organisers and you, our valued customer. 

Thank you for believing in this brand. Even after all this time, we still do a lil' dance each time you shop with us. Your support means the world.