Mandarin Gardens Reversible Classic Cheongsam
Mandarin Gardens Reversible Classic Cheongsam

Mandarin Gardens Reversible Classic Cheongsam

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At Maison Q,  this   CNY 2023 collection, we take great pride in dreaming up prints that are fun, whimsical and one that tells a story. This Chinese New Year, we are excited to share our star print - the Lucky Miss Rabbit. She makes an appearance in our new interpretation of our signature scallop. This time it is set in a gorgeous shade of orange reminiscent of an open flame. 

Look closer and you can see that Miss Rabbit’s ears are curled such that it resembles the lucky number 8. And if you look at her hind paws, we have also incorporated the auspicious number, sideways to discreetly symbolise infinite huat!

On the reverse is a gorgeous illustration of how we imagine the Mandarin Gardens to be. On one end stands a tall orange tree flanked by a pond. A bridge stretches over to a pagoda where joyful kids are having a go at performing the dragon dance. Lucky Miss Rabbit is perched on a swing while a mysterious little panda is mischievously sitting among the leaves. This illustration is further defined by a row of Lucky Knots along the fabric’s hemline.

  • A classic sleveless A-line cheongsam that features a Mandarin collar with a red piping from the middle of the collar and across the chest. 
  • Snap closure buttons halfway down the back for ease of wear.
  • This is a reversible piece and can be worn inside out. Double the fun, twice the mileage.
  • 100% cotton.


Care Instructions

  • Gentle machine wash, on cold.
  • Wash with like colours in a laundry bag.
  • Do not soak.
  • Iron on medium heat. For a reversible apparel, iron on medium and away from the hemline. Iron towards the centre of the apparel so that the two pieces of fabric in your reversible piece does not gather at the hem.
  • Do not iron over brand labels or snap closure buttons.
  • No clothes dryers.
  • When washing, be mindful not to use too much detergent as this, in some cases, may affect the durability and colour of the cotton (a natural fabric) in the long run.

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