5 Reasons to Buy a Reversible Dress


The reasons are aplenty. Here are our top few:  


1. Our Reversible dresses give you more bang for your buck. Two dresses for the price of one. We do not mass produce, which means our creations are pretty darn unique. The prints have been handpicked by our founders and sewn by our family-owned workshop. Our dresses go through detailed quality checks which means you can be assured of a beautiful, well-made product at a reasonable price point.


2. Maison Q works closely with trusted fabric suppliers whose fabrics can even be found at Liberty London. They are the purveyors of quality Japanese cotton that are lightweight to the touch and perfect for our tropical climate. Trust us, she will be a cool kid.


3. Our business supports small families. All of our craftsmen at our family-owned workshop come from humble backgrounds and have been trained in the art of dressmaking. They are key to our operations so we believe in treating them like family. They live on our workshop compound, have off days and enjoy good living amenities. They are dedicated to their craft and share our vision of producing quality products. Like OCD ninjas with tailoring scissors, no loose thread ever gets past these guys.


4. Oh come on. Kids and food? On most days, they don’t get along. If it’s not in their tummies, it’s on their clothes. At a party and this happens? Just wipe it down and turn it inside out. Everyone will think that she’s wearing a brand new outfit. #mumisagenius #lifehacks


5. Reversible Dresses are great for travelling. As they each feature two designs, you are actually packing two outfits that can be worn over two days. This means less clothes to bring for your kiddos and more luggage space for you. Hah!


Need more reasons? Email us at info@maison-q.com