Xiaoxiong Reversible Babydoll Dress
Xiaoxiong Reversible Babydoll Dress
Xiaoxiong Reversible Babydoll Dress
Xiaoxiong Reversible Babydoll Dress

Xiaoxiong Reversible Babydoll Dress

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**Most of our CNY collections are sold out and you may like to pay a visit to Takashimaya Level 4 to check on our balance for any availability. Thank you for all your support and be sure to catch early for our next year's collection.**

- Peekaboo! A CNY 2020 collection.

- Meet Xiaoxiong the Panda. An adorable monochromatic creature who is not only lovable but also symbolises abundance and prosperity. In this print she showcases her playful nature by chasing oranges. Set against a beautiful yellow hue. 

- The reverse side features the red scallop, the print that started it all for Maison Q. As a homage, Maison Q introduces this print yearly during the CNY season. 

- A feminine empire-cut dress that comes with a red piping on both sides that gives the silhouette more definition. 

- This is a reversible piece. 

- 100% cotton. 

- This silhouette is only available till size 7Y. No available in bigger sizes.


Care Instructions 
- Gentle machine wash, cold

- Do not wash in warm or hot water as it tends to open the fibres of the fabric and may cause discolouration. 

- Hand washing of this apparel is not necessary but if you choose to, be mindful of the amount of detergent used. For a pail of water with only one apparel, a drop of detergent is more than enough. Excess detergent may damage the fibers of your apparel over an extended period of time. 

- Do not soak.

- Do not wring

- Do not use clothes dryer

- Iron on medium heat and away from the hemline. Iron towards the centre of the apparel so that the two pieces of fabric in your reversible piece does not gather at the hem.

- Do not iron over brand label or snap closure buttons. 


Size Chart

All measurements are taken of the garment when it is laid flat. As the items are cut and sewn by hand, there may be a slight difference from apparel to apparel. Please note that the shoulder measurements indicates the length between the two furthest end of the shoulder seams.

  Chest Shoulder Length
6M - 1Y 28cm 21cm 42cm

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