Orange Jardin Women&
Orange Jardin Women&

Orange Jardin Women's Square Neck Dress

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At Maison Q, we take great pride in dreaming up prints that are fun, whimsical and bursting with colour. Orange Jardin is a dreamy print that features Mandarin oranges in a beautiful, elegant manner. Nestled in its foliage is a garden pagoda, pretty lanterns and in true whimsical style two kids balancing on the branches of the Mandarin tree. This print also features our favourite monochromatic animal - the panda and a lil monkey. Why a monkey in the Year of the Dragon, you might ask? In Chinese mythology, monkeys and dragons are BFFs. And that has earned the monkey its spot.


  • A square-neck dress with puffy sleeves that features a thin band around the edge of the sleeve.
  • It has a fitted bodice that accentuates and complements the waistline.
  • Mid-length with a centre slit for ease of movement.
  • A fitted mid-length cheongsam that accentuates and complements the waistline. 
  • This is a single-sided apparel and is not reversible.
  • 100% cotton.

    Care Instructions

    • Gentle machine wash, on cold.
    • Wash with like colours in a laundry bag.
    • Do not soak.
    • Iron on medium heat. For a reversible apparel, iron on medium and away from the hemline. Iron towards the centre of the apparel so that the two pieces of fabric in your reversible piece does not gather at the hem.
    • Do not iron over brand labels or snap closure buttons.
    • No clothes dryers.
    • When washing, be mindful not to use too much detergent as this, in some cases, may affect the durability and colour of the cotton (a natural fabric) in the long run.

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