What the Ox Heard, is a festive collection comprising fun and cheerful prints. Inspired by one of our favourite children’s books, the collection features our own set of curious characters. There is the lead - Fantastic Mr Ox, a goofy cutie set in scallop, Pandamania the lovable monochromatic creature, the cheeky Lucky Cat and the elegant Flirtatious Peacock. Each, exuberant in personality and dazzling in style. A bullish sentiment that we so need in the coming year. So what did the Ox hear?

      The Ox heard that things are getting better

      That things, are getting good

      The New Year is time for things that matter

      As it always should



      The CNY 2021 collection is available in sizes 6M to 14Y and a selection is also available for grown ups. Tweens may be able to fit a grown-up size XS. Please refer to the size chart on the respective apparel page for a better idea of the fit. Spend a minimum of $200 online on our CNY 2021 collection and receive a complimentary mask for every apparel you buy.

      Email for more details.

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